Girl donated her savings to a friend who urgently needed surgery

He selflessly decided to help his little friend Mateo, who suffers from degenerative myopia.

An example of life, companionship and love for neighbor was what an 11-year-old girl gave, who decided donate all your savings to help a colleague that urgently required visual surgery.

The event happened in Argentina and the protagonist is Mía, who He selflessly decided to help his little friend Mateo, for a degenerative myopia that he suffered in his eyes.

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The little girl was saving to buy some materials she wanted, but she found out that the school opened a donation box to help the family who He did not have the necessary resources for the delicate surgery.

At that moment, Mia took her piggy bank and donated it, along with a letter for the child.

“Hello, I am Jazz’s sister and inside is the money from the donation for Mateo’s surgery. Amount of silver: 100 pesos “, which is equivalent to more than 3,300,000 Colombian pesos.

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The urgency of the surgery was presented to prevent the problem from progressing as it was degenerative and the operation ranged from 85,000 Argentine pesos.

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