GNTM winner has gained 20 kilos: Alex Mariah Peter is plagued by the yo-yo effect

Top models always have to be slim and slim, not a single gram of fat may disfigure their bodies. Some women have already proven that this outdated and sexist idea is not compatible with reality. Alex Mariah Peter, winner of “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2021, is currently showing a little more pounds on her ribs.

GNTM winner Alex has gained 20 kilos: “The yo-yo effect is my third first name”

In her Instagram story, she presents herself with her curves and explains that she has gained “over 20 kilos”. In contrast to curvy models like Angelina Kirsch or GNTM candidate Sarina Nowak, Alex Mariah Peter does not feel so comfortable with her appearance. “This is not the first time that I’ve put on weight and lost weight,” she explains. “This yo-yo effect is my third first name.”

This is what GNTM-Alex looks like with 100 kilos

The weight is not the problem for the GNTM winner, as she says in the clip: “I’m unfit. […] I always liked that for myself, this very slim one. “Alex Mariah Peter had already gained a few kilos in the past and even weighed 100 kilos. In her story she also shows a photo from that time:

For comparison – this is what Alex still looked like in June 2021:

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Alex Mariah Peter wants to get fit again

Now, however, the model wants to pay attention to her diet. “I went out to eat three times a day or I ordered and you can easily see it. I don’t have the perfect body now that I imagine it to be.” She now has a trainer and soon wants to live fitter and healthier again.