Goodbye to gang assets that recruited women and transported coca with cosmetic surgeries

The victims were forced to carry the drug on their breasts and thighs.

From the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the presumed members of the drug trafficking organization were forfeited ‘The surgeons’, made up of 10 people, who recruited women from different municipalities to transport cocaine on their breasts and thighs.

They highlighted that the probative material evidenced how the criminal network that operated in Valle del Cauca would have made at least five shipments of narcotic drugs to Madrid, Spain during 2019, under the modality of human couriers.

“Part of the money resulting from these illegal actions would have been used in Colombia by Harold Pérez Benavidez, alleged financier of the crime, to buy a property located in the San Fernando neighborhood in the city of Cali; plus a 2020 model high-end 4X4 pickup”, Indicated the entity.

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This is why a prosecutor attached to the Domain Right Extinction Directorate imposed precautionary suspension measures on said assets, whose value is estimated at more than 800 million pesos, and will be administered by the Sociedad de Activos Especiales (SAE).

Modus operandi

According to investigations submitted, the organization located women in municipalities such as Dagua and Jamundí, preferably of thick texture thereby seeking that the implants were larger; and also that they present economic needs to make them easy prey for your offerings.

“The economic consideration for women was around two million pesos.” People were taken to clinics where saline was introduced; and shortly after they were taken to hotels where a supposed nurse, who presented himself as a doctor, replaced this solution with liquid cocaine that was taken to Europe.

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“In the framework of the criminal investigation, several of the alleged members of the criminal network, including some women who would have lent themselves for said transport”, Indicated the entity.

Finally, the defendants they were charged with crimes such as aggravated conspiracy, and trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotics. Several of those implicated accepted the charges.

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