Government creates digital tool for citizens to monitor works and investments

These programs create jobs and reduce poverty in the 170 municipalities hardest hit by violence

In an exercise of transparency before the country, the Agency for the Renewal of the Territory-ART, created the PDET Investment Viewer, a technological tool that will allow citizens to know and monitor the structured and financed projects that have been managed by the current government. In this way, the entity facilitates the exercises of social control to guarantee the transparency and the care of the public of the Development Plans with a Territorial Approach (PDET).

These Programs are reactivating the country’s economy, generating employment and reducing poverty in the 170 municipalities hardest hit by violence. With investments close to $ 10 billion, resources that represent 75% of the Bogotá metro works, roads, schools, health centers are being built and more than 2,800 projects are being structured to improve the quality of life of more than 6 million of Colombians in rural areas of the country.

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