Grandmother was saved from dying after a car fell on her house

The car dropped down on a slope, coming to a stop against the property located in the Inem neighborhood of the Tolima capital.

The case was registered around 8:30 the night before on 22nd street with 9th race, Inem neighborhood from the Tolima capital, where fortunately no person was killed or injured after the accident that occurred in this sector of the city.

Information provided to the news of La Cariñosa 1,420 AM states that the driver of a vehicle was leaving the block and stopped on the rise, waiting for another vehicle to pass. At that moment he was going to start again, when the car did not respond to him and got off the hook, going to stop against the aforementioned house.

It was said that at that time everyone was in their residences commenting on what happened in the match between Colombia and Paraguay, when they suddenly heard a crash, they thought it was a tremor.

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