Greeicy Rendón presumed that she still has flow despite the pregnancy

The singer put fun to her body and recorded a particular video.

Greeicy Rendon has been at the center of various news on social networks and national media due to her pregnancy, which was confirmed weeks ago with the song ‘Att: Amor’. The young woman has publicly commented on her emotion with this stage she is living, the changes she has felt and how “sexy” she feels with her tummy, instead of the marked abdomen.

Recently, the interpreter of ‘Los besos’ drew the attention of the curious with a series of publications in which she expressed how she currently feels with her new figure and the maternal process that she carries. The singer did not hesitate to put fun in things and record a particular video on Instagram.

According to what was recorded in the clip, Greeicy appears in an open space, quite naturally, while wearing a light top and checked pants. The artist he’s doing a dubbing of a song, doing a fun dance, and making unexpected faces.

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You are going to say: ‘how good I am, how rich I am‘”, Is heard in the audio, while the young woman moves her belly, her hips and her tail with the rhythm of the song.

It doesn’t matter “the celebrity wrote, adding this message for all people, especially women, to fully enjoy their body.

The followers of the caleña took the opportunity to react and comment on the content, ensuring that the baby will “come out dizzy” with all the movements that Rendón makes. Many laughs were read, in addition to comments that highlight how beautiful the Colombian looks in this pregnant process.

“That child is going to leave Mariao”, “You are well pregnant or whatever”, “Enjoy that belly that passes very quickly”, “Great this video”, “Friend, you made me laugh too much”, “Queen, look at the flow”, “Mamacita”, “I love you”, “The baby: It started moved in 2022”, among other comments from celebrities such as Luisa Fernanda W, Mike Bahía, Andrea Agudelo, Viña Machado, Ivy Queen, and others.

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