Green gave a hand to blue: Millionaires, benefited with the National title

The box ‘purslane’ ensured its participation in the continental contest.

Atlético Nacional lifted the BetPlay Cup 2021 on November 24, which represents his fifth conquest of this competition and the 30th in its history, ultimately getting a ticket for the Copa Libertadores in 2022.

Thus the things, the group that is directed by Alejandro Restrepo obtained the second place for Colombia for the tournament that it has already won twice.

It should be remembered that Deportes Tolima as the champion of the first semester edition of the BetPlay League He was the first to qualify for the competition.

Therefore, two places remain for Libertadores 2022, which will be distributed to the winner of the BetPlay League of the second semester and the best team of the reclassification.

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In that order of ideas Deportes Tolima and Atlético Nacional are already fixed in the tournament; the ‘pijaos’ being champions of the League of the first semester are installed in the group stage, while the ‘verdolagas’ will reach previous phases.

In addition, Millonarios appears as the team that would be obtaining a quota thanks to the reclassification, since it has 77 units and is only behind the teams already mentioned.

Meanwhile, the fourth place will be awarded to the team that is crowned in the second semesterTherefore, Junior, Deportivo Cali, América, Pereira and Alianza Petrolera could represent Colombia in the next edition of the Libertadores.

For now, It remains to wait how the BetPlay League definition will be for the second half of 2022, which is scheduled to end on December 22.

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