Harry Potter: 10 Facts A True Fan Knows But Doesn’t Get Explained In The Movies

The movie marathon “Harry Potter” is now available on the platform streaming HBO Max. The series of eight installments that premiered between 2001 and 2011 is considered one of the three highest-grossing film franchises of recent years, it tells a fantastic fictional story about wizards and witches.


The saga each year adds more followers and maintains its loyal followers, proving that the magic of “Harry Potter” is more alive than ever.

To enjoy a marathon day and become a true “Potterhead”, that is to say a fan of “Harry Potter”, HBO Max shares 10 curious facts that only a real fan knows and that are not explained in the movies:

  1. “The Sorting Hat” speaks in your mind and no one else can hear what it says.
  2. “Voldemort” has red eyes.
  3. “Ron” gave “Harry” a book on how to pick up girls.
  4. If a person decides to become an “animagus”, he cannot choose the animal, it is the animal that chooses the wizard.
  5. Hermione Granger’s birthday is on September 19.
  6. There are about a thousand students enrolled in “Hogwarts”.
  7. “Dumbledore” is a word that comes from Old English and means “bumblebee” (bumblebee).
  8. The first “Harry Potter” book was published in 1998, the same year that the final battle of “Hogwarts” takes place.
  9. “Harry” and “Voldemort” are distant relatives, as their ancestors belong to the “Peverell” family like most wizarding families.
  10. Plants with strange names from the wizarding world really do exist. For example: “Mugwort” (mugwort) and “Mandrake” (mandrake).



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