He broke his femur and had to be loaded because the ambulance never came

The young man who had to be helped by his neighbors, who walked 7 hours to get to the health center.

Much anxiety, was what the inhabitants of the hills of Tucumán (Argentina) lived, after a 20-year-old young man identified as Gonzalo Carrazano, suffered a severe fracture in one of his legs.

The unusual thing about the matter is that the Anfama community suffers this ordeal for many years, since, when there are calamities that affect the health of its inhabitants, they have to wait for the ambulances to meet a specific schedule, that is, if the accident occurs after noon, the first aid vehicle will go to the place until the next day; unless the community goes directly to the healthcare center.

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This is due to the poor condition of the roads, where all the representatives of the board, They have made a request to the Argentine government for put my eye to the road mesh that leads to the town of Tucumán with this path.

This misfortune was so great, that the inhabitants desperate for the health of one of their own, walked for 7 hours, so that the young man could be treated, after they improvised a stretcher, while Carrazano writhed in pain.

Although the intervention of the doctors was immediate, the man was treated by specialists who ruled a femur fracture, for which he had to undergo surgery to treat this injury. Later the operation was a success, and Gonzalo recovers in the assistance center.

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Nevertheless, Competent entities are expected to pay attention to this type of situation, and can provide a prompt solution, since their accesses are too complex, even knowing that there is a road that leads to their destinations.


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