He is not even years old … Ana del Castillo returned to have a few drinks after a personal promise

The Vallenata singer assured that she lasted several months without consuming alcoholic beverages.

Ana del Castillo He was the protagonist of different news years ago, after he suffered a traffic accident in the company of an acquaintance. The young woman recovered from this incident and drew the attention of the media, who on different occasions recorded the unusual behaviors that she presented on her personal social media accounts.

The Vallenata artist caused a stir on digital platforms with her constant publications where She appeared overdrunk or completely drunk. Their behaviors unleashed criticism from users, who did not accept that the Colombian was out of control with alcoholic beverages.

Months ago, the celebrity caught the attention of more than one curious after reveal that he had made a personal promise and that he would not consume alcohol for a while. These statements aroused conflicting opinions from fans, who supported and criticized her because they did not feel that she would comply.

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However, Ana aroused all kinds of reactions from Instagram users after using her official Instagram account to broadcast a live show and upload some stories, in which He appeared drinking rum while listening to vallenato at full volume.

The singer’s followers did not miss the opportunity and assured that she had “returned to the courts”, because since last Monday she was already consuming alcohol. Ana del Castillo took advantage and shared funny moments that she was living, such as dances and performances at full volume.

Fragments of this live have been broadcast on Twitter, in addition to stories in which the coastal woman is observed past drinks, stating that she cannot broadcast her lives because they scold her and taking with humor this moment of “pea”, as his fans mentioned.


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