He screwed up again … Epa Colombia denounced for kidnapping before the Prosecutor’s Office

Carlos Toro, former commercial director of the ‘Epa Colombia’ company, filed a complaint for kidnapping with the Prosecutor’s Office.

Daneidy Barrera, better known as ‘Epa Colombia’, He is once again at the center of a judicial controversy; after in the past he faced a trial for acts of vandalism in one of the days of the national strike, in November 2019.

On this occasion, the keratin businesswoman has a complaint at the Prosecutor’s Office for a case of alleged kidnapping. Who brought the legal action against ‘Epa Colombia’ is Carlos Toro, former commercial director of your company.

Toro assured that on July 30, at the Bochica south headquarters of the Keratin Center, ‘Epa Colombia’ told him to call Jenny Saldarriaga, Accountant for her company at the time, whom Daneidy Barrera has accused of stealing a large sum of money.

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When communicating with her, Jenny Saldarriaga informed her that she was in Medellín and could not attend her. In addition Toro indicated to the denounced that I had to leave at that time, Because he was just traveling from Bogotá to Medellín to visit his children.

According to the Toro account, ‘Epa Colombia’ and his escorts they did not let him leave the premises, arguing that until the accountant in question was present she could not leave.

According to what was published in the Semana magazine report, which revealed the complaint, the businesswoman would have spoken defiantly to Toro.

“Don’t worry, we’re just looking out for you while Jenny arrives, or is she not coming? (…) he can’t get out of here, because, if it comes out of here, I have the corners full of bandits waiting for a call from me ”, he would have said ‘Epa Colombia’.

Toro also ensures that the gates of the place were being guarded by security guards so that he had no opportunity to escape.

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After four hours held Against her will within the Keratin Center, Jenny Saldarriaga would have arrived, with whom Barrera would have exchanged words and even warned her that in the not too distant future she would make her company look bad in public opinion.

After everything that happened, Toro was allowed to leave the place. Later, he filed the complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office.

At the moment, the Colombian influencer has not commented on the matter.


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