He stabbed his friend because he did not give him $ 2,000 pesos, he almost killed him

The defendant did not accept the charges, but was sent to jail.

A guarantee control judge in Medellín imposed an assurance measure in a prison against Deison Valencia Cuesta, alias Tirrio, as allegedly responsible for attempting against the life of his friend because he refused to give him two thousand pesos.

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The investigated events occurred on September 2, 2014 in the Miranda neighborhood of the city. The identified victim Fabián Enrique Medina Gil, Apparently, he was at home with his wife and two minor children, when he would have arrived alias Tirrio and asked him for money to buy narcotics.

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Medina Gil, by refusing to give him money, was attacked by Valencia Cuesta, who took a knife and injured him in the chest. The stab wound affected his heart and lung.

The defendant did not accept the charges brought by a prosecutor from the Life Unit for the crime of attempted aggravated homicide.