He stole a cell phone and $ 150,000, but in the pursuit of the Police he was killed by a mule

Apparently, the suspect had escaped on a motorcycle after robbing a citizen.

This Wednesday it was known that a 21-year-old young man, identified as Jhon Villegas, died after being run over by a dump truck in the Ramaral neighborhood of Barrancabermeja.

Apparently, the suspect had escaped on a motorcycle after stealing money from a citizen.

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“We received a call about a theft, robbery modality, where a subject intimidated a citizen with a traumatic weapon and robs him of 150,000 pesos and a cell phone, he immediately fled ”, reported Major Carlos Ardila, commander of District One of the Magdalena Medio Police.

And he added that “the patrol of the quadrant was close and the chase begins, the young man omits the stop sign, is run over by the dump truck and dies on the spot.”

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It is noteworthy that because the remains were unrecognizable, The Police reported that the man’s body was taken to Forensic Medicine for identification.


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