He turns 102 by going to the gym (video)

Dr James Chou turned 102 on Thursday. How did he celebrate? Going to the gym. Chou completed a mini workout Thursday with her son.

Going to the gym on her birthday has become a tradition for Chou. This is the third year in a row that he has celebrated this event there.

Chou trains six days a week and has been a member of the gym for 25 years.

“I want to keep my muscles and my brain working every day, so I do my health routine”, did he declare. “People here are very nice. They took good care of me, that’s why I live so long”.

And to add: “Everyone should do the same if they have time.”

Staff and gym members wished Chou a happy birthday. Over the years, he got to know everyone at the venue. He considers these people as his family.


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