He went into an abandoned building to look for a bathroom and fell more than three meters

Some people claim that she was with her boyfriend in this place and others say that she was just looking for a bathroom in Icononzo.

La Cariñosa 1,420 AM learned that in the municipality of Icononzo, a woman, apparently 22 years old, fell to a height of approximately three meters in a construction that is abandoned, with no way to the community and totally dangerous as it has many voids and several unevenness.

Some inhabitants affirm that María Fernanda Parada was looking for a bath in the middle of the typical festivals, that are held at the beginning of the year in Icononzo, and when he walked on this ‘white elephant’, he did not realize that there was a void on his side, he steps on the wrong foot and ends up having a strong fall.

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Immediately, his sentimental partner went out desperate to ask for help from the people who were in the celebration and the aid agencies, who managed to get this woman out after several minutes.


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