Heartless, she threw her newborn baby in the trash and was videotaped

The little girl was found by people who passed by the place and heard the cry of the minor.

Great outrage among users of social networks has generated a video where you see the moment when a woman gets rid of a newborn baby, throwing it in a garbage container. The little girl was found hours later by a group of people.

It is thanks to the fact that there are security cameras in the area, that through the recordings the woman could be identified, identified as Alexis Ávila, 18 years old, who is accused of throwing the newborn into the garbage can.

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The woman said, according to what was reported by the authorities, that she had given birth to the baby in a bathroom without even knowing that she was pregnant. Then, desperate, she decided to drive to the dumpster, where she finally dumped her newborn baby.

The images, which were released by the authorities of New Mexico, United States, allow us to appreciate a woman, believed to be Ávila, getting out of a car, and then taking a garbage bag out of the trunk, to later throw it in the container, and finally leave.


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