Héctor Parra: Why could the actor’s daughter spend 7 years in prison?

The attorney for Hector Parra decided to report the actor’s youngest daughter, Alexa Parra, for false statements.

The young woman also filed a complaint against the lawyer in recent days for the crime of revealing secrets, arguing that during the legal process she maintains, things have been said that should be confidential information.

José Luis Guerrero, who has been in charge of the Parra case since June —when He was arrested after Alexa’s complaint for sexual abuse-, explained in an interview why he has reversed the complaint against his client’s daughter, with a fault that could lead to prison for up to seven years:

They modified the statement

As reported by Parra’s defense, Alexa told Public Ministry agents that Guerrero had been in certain places making statements about the investigation, but he says he has proof that he is lying, for this reason, he received a new document where clarifications are made, but for this fact they could be considered the crime of falsification of statements.

“As they realize that they were wrong when initially declaring and that when I answered I correct the Public Ministry and say ‘no, it is a lie, the facts that they are pointing out do not correspond to the legal truth since I was not in those places ‘and I credit it, then trying to perfect it they present a writing quite absurd to justify legally when in fact they are admitting that they falsified “, explained the lawyer.

Héctor Parra case: An alleged false signature

“The facts are lethargic”

After seeing the document of the initial statement and when comparing it with the last paper, José Luis Guerrero considered that the signatures corresponding to the name of Alexa Parra do not coincide, so he already requested that it be evaluated and in any case it could be involved in an issue impersonation.

If she says ‘this is not my firm’ then it would be prosecuted for attorney fraud“Guerrero said.

“It is very easy for them to fabricate crimes, first with Héctor, who until May 31, 2021, there was not a single indication in the folder that reflected responsibility for the behaviors that they imputed to him; they had passed 3 rulings and there were no reflections of emotional affectation. and suddenly from June 1 to 30 there was already an arrest warrant issued, “he said.

In addition to this complaint, Guerrero is also in charge of a complaint against former deputy Sergio Mayer, whom Héctor pointed out for influence peddling for interfering in the case; Daniela Parra, the eldest daughter of the interpreter of “Un little tuyo”, who trusts in her father’s innocence, pointed out the actress Ginny Hoffman, Alexa’s mother, for omission of information and finally they also opened a folder against the authorities of the Public Ministry for not taking into account the public expert reports where they point out that there was no evidence of harm to the young woman.

“The complaint against Ginny we see with some concern because first they sent her to a juvenile prosecutor’s office, now they have just returned her to sexuality, at the end of the day they are determining to know about her but in this rally there is the third prosecutor’s office that changes. letting down the facts, “he concluded.



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