Helicopter almost caused tragedy, blew up restaurant chairs

Stated that a 79-year-old woman sustained an injury to her forehead and she was quite affected by everything that happened when the helicopter descended in an unusual way.

My niece was on site with her family at the baby’s birthday celebration And, according to what he tells, everything was chaos, because not even the restaurant.

He further held that the restaurant did not establish a protocol for the care of people when the incident occurred, as verified by the Floridablanca Risk Management Office.

“We tried to find out what happened to the helicopter but there has been no response from the Army, nor has there been any further damage, “said the source, who requested that his identity be kept confidential.

The only certain thing is that his relatives were scared because of the way the situation was presented, which could happen to adults.

Hours after the event occurred, Army and Police units They were in the restaurant knowing in detail what happened, but so far there has been no official statement.


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