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The study of the history of international relations is one of the most important studies, especially the intertwined ones among the major colonial countries, and if one of those countries was a small country that rose from the bottom to the platform of the major colonial countries, Japan is one of those small countries, which was able to witness a great development During a relatively short period of time, not exceeding four decades, it made it occupy a prominent position among the major countries at the beginning of the twentieth century, after it was precisely yesterday, at the end of the nineteenth century, one of the poor Asian countries that are backward in various economic and political aspects, and the most Including that it forced the major countries to recognize it as a first-class country, and among those countries was the United States, which recognized Japan as a major country in the Middle East, to which other countries take special accounts.

He took Dr. Hamada Al-Shafei in his book “The Struggle of Ocean Powers Over China” The American-Japanese conflict over China during the period from 1931 to 1945. This period represents the roots of the relationship between two of the most important parties to the conflict between the major powers in the region, and represented the fuel for the fire ignited by the major international powers in the region The Far East at the beginning of the last century, when it witnessed the rise of the Japanese military class, and its control of the levers of power in Japan, and then began to aspire to complete its expansionist dream of forming a Japanese empire on the ruins of Western colonial countries, in the Far East, where it found the way to do so is Achieving a solution to expansion within Chinese territory, and striving to complete the great Japanese project that has been haunting it since the end of the peace conference in Paris, by expanding and controlling all the lands under Western control in the Far East, and establishing a Japanese empire in all Asian lands, but this clashed with the situation The American who saw the Japanese expansion as a great danger threatening the interests, and indeed the American presence in the Pacific Ocean, the Far East and China in particular, which prompted the United States to act To abort this Japanese project and defeat the ruling military class in Japan.

The importance of the subject lies in the fact that it is one of the thorny issues in the history of international relations, especially the relationship of the United States towards one of the most important countries in the areas of colonial influence in the Far East.


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