‘Hit the star’: Olivia Jones meets Katja Burkard

At first glance, it seems to be a somewhat uneven duel on Saturday, November 27th, at the ProSieben game show “Schlag den Star”: As the broadcaster announced, the drag queen icon Olivia Jones will meet from 8:15 pm (51) and the moderator Katja Burkard (56) duel. The “point 12” face seems confident of victory in advance: “In the jungle she came second – so she knows what it feels like,” said Burkard.

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“I’ll be done with you at 12!”

But even Olivia Jones is in no way inferior to her opponent in terms of self-confidence and quick-wittedness: “Katja, you will look pretty pale against me. At 12 I’ll be done with you!” The two compete in direct duels in up to 15 rounds. The winner receives a prize of 100,000 euros. As usual, the moderator Elton (50) leads through the show, the games are commented on by Ron Ringguth (55).

In the last show so far on September 18, handball goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter (37) and tennis professional Alexander Zverev (24) competed against each other. In the end, Heinevetter clearly won the duel with 73:18 points.