Hold me very tight: Juan Gabriel would be 72 years old today

“The Divo de Juárez”, Juan Gabriel, legend of Mexican music, today would be celebrating his 72nd birthday. He was born on January 7, 1950 in Parácuaro, Michoacán, however, his roots and some of the most important moments of his life were lived in Ciudad Juárez and the border with the United States.

Winner of multiple awards, Juan Gabriel even after his death, on August 28, 2016, is still in controversy due to inheritance issues, and even the fact that close people with whom he lived years ago assert that he is alive.


The origins of Alberto Aguilera, his real name, are humble, since he was a child had a complicated life, But when he reached his youth the dream of music became present in his life, but he was also in prison, at the end of the 60s he was in the Lecumberri prison, who helped him get out of there was Enriqueta Jiménez, “La Prieta Linda”.

At age 13 Juan Gabriel wrote his first song, “The death of the pigeon”However, his first radio success, the song that made him known, was “I have no money,” according to the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM).

Until 2018, Juan Gabriel had sold more than 150 million records on an international level. Not only did he make songs for him that today are hymns like “Hug me very tight”, “I was not born to love”, “Wow”, “The difference”, “It was so”, “Until I met you”, “Dear”, “El Noa-Noa” or “Eternal Love”, also developed songs for great divas of Latin music such as Angélica María, Rocío Dúrcal, Isabel Pantoja, Lucía Méndez, Lupita D’Alessio, Lucha Villa and Thalía.

A historic event in his career was when in 1990 in Mexico City he performed at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Before his death, Juan Gabriel was working on duet albums, he managed to publish two volumes, due to legal issues regarding inheritance, the other recordings have not yet seen the light. “Until I met you”, his biographical series, was authorized by him, but he did not have time to see the project in its splendor.

Prior to his death, Juan Gabriel was going to perform at today’s Akron Stadium in Jalisco and what would be a massive concert, became a posthumous tribute where figures such as Yuri, Cristian Castro, Myriam Montemayor and Yahir, among others, came to pay homage to him. But a legend never dies and the legacy of Juan Gabriel permeates the lives of all those in love with his music.



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