Horst Lichter privately: Do he and his wife Nada have children?

What many do not know: Horst Lichter did not always work as a cook. Although he completed a three-year apprenticeship and worked for a while as a young chef, the initial disappointment with the job initially took him in a different direction.

Horst Lichter wasn’t always a cook

He did the same as his father did and worked in a briquette factory. He married for the first time at the age of 19 and ran into financial difficulties when he bought a house. For this reason he also worked five days a week in a junkyard.

Horst Lichter: Two strokes and a heart attack

At the age of 26 Horst Lichter suffered a stroke, two years later he suffered another – along with a heart attack. A radical change in life was the result.

Horst Lichter’s career as a television chef and presenter

At the beginning of 1990 Horst Lichter opened a restaurant, which in 1995 became the “Oldiethek” restaurant. His first contact with television came about when the WDR produced a report about it. Today’s results are popular shows like “Lafer! Lights! Lecker!”, “Bares for Rares” and “Die Küchenschlacht”, where he often acts as a presenter.

Horst Lichter: Do he and his wife Nada have children?

Together with his third wife Nada, with whom he has been married for 23 years, Horst Lichter lived for eight years in Badenweiler, a municipality 30 kilometers south of Freiburg. The two now live “just around the corner from the location” in Cologne. His first marriage had two children, the third died at the age of only six months. After another relationship, he had a daughter.

How much Horst Lichter loves Nada, he made clear in a conversation with “BamS”: “Actually, I should have got to know her directly. Then it would have been a marriage, and not three. But it would have been a shame because then I would not have my wonderful children had.”

Horst Lichter talks about his “Bares for Rares” farewell


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Farewell: Does Horst Lichter stop at “Bares for Rares”?

A few days before his 60th birthday, at the beginning of January 2021, Horst Lichter also spoke about saying goodbye to the junk format “Bares for Rares”. Lichter says to “BamS”: “If I don’t feel like it anymore, I stop. But I already know one thing. I won’t be jumping around on television when I turn 70.”


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