Hot Kylie Jenner Steals Kim Kardashian’s Look & Wears Exact Same Corset-StyleHalter Top

Kylie Jenner has always been a lover of Kim Kardashian’s style. She wore the corset top that was exactly the same as her big sister and left it her hours after KKW.

It comprised a tight corset bodice and waist, with layers of cloth running over her chest and across shoulders. Kylie wore her appearance matched with the brand’s broken flared trousers, which shared the exact same pattern.

Kylie wore the outfit she shared. At first, she had been sitting at the back of a vehicle with pal Yris Palmer.

StaySolidRocky’s “Party Girl” played Kylie appeared for the camera, showing off her outfit along with her superb glam makeup job along with her dark hair superbly slicked back into a neat bun. The bodice highlighted the pants from behind, along with Ky’s tiny waist in a video showcasing the famous derriere of the cosmetics mogul.

If fans had been thinking to themselves that they might have seen the same corset top somewhere before, it had been worn with Kim in 2 Instagram photos; she shared 13 hours earlier on June 24. Kim matched the shirt using a pair of pale tan leather pants with fringe down the sides.

She decided to design it differently as well while Kim chose to forgo the trousers that matched the Charlotte Knowles top. Kylie wore the criss-cross cloth stretched for more coverage, and that’s how it appeared on the runway version and in photographs of the item on a lot of clothing sites. Kim decided to scrunch her cloth to make it look like a halter top and appear more skin up.

That wasn’t Kim’s changing to the top. In another picture showing her behind, Kim left the zipper almost undone, providing the illusion that the corset top had a plunging backside and as to show more of her flesh. Kylie had hers zipped up all the way. Both ladies looked ferocious at the very best, but Kylie’s addition of the trousers made for an incredible look.