How by magic, a thief stole a cell phone camouflaged under a leaf

Three wallets and a knife were found in the briefcase carried by the thief.

In a video of security cameras of the establishment where the events occurred, the moment in which a friend of other people’s stuff sneakily and in seconds steal a phone which was on top of a desk.

The concern about insecurity in the country is increasing, daily thousands of robberies reported, which is why citizens urgently ask the competent authorities take the pertinent measures to curb the situation, since the community is frightened.

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In the images it can be seen when the thief enters an office, He goes towards a woman and while he is talking to her, he passes her a sheet of paper, while in the other hand he has another piece of paper with which he is covering the cell, seconds later he lifts the sheet that is hiding the stolen item and immediately leaves the place with his committed objective.

Finally, the thief didn’t get away with it and he was captured, in addition to the search that the authorities made of him, they found three wallets and a knife in his bag.

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