How chuchito brought him into the world … Sebastián Yatra receives a hand of compliments for his sexy photo

The singer used this photograph to announce that he would return to Colombia after a long work trip.

Sebastian Yatra He stole the looks of hundreds of people on social networks, and some national media, after he published an unexpected video of a situation he lived with a fanatic. The singer showed his best reaction and shared the particular moment with his loyal followers of digital platforms.

According to what was recorded, the interpreter of ‘Ideal Girl’ he was cuddling with a woman, apparently older than him, and, in an oversight, the fan stole a kiss on the mouth. The recording captured the moment when the person caught him off guard and approached him with the intention of giving him this ‘peak’.

However, despite the fact that this news stole the attention of the curious, recently the singer captivated thousands of people with an unexpected roll of photos, where he announced his return to Colombia after a long season traveling for labor issues.

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What surprised fans of the artist was the first photo of the reel, since it reveals that Yatra is completely naked and plays with the edge of a mirror. The young man poses for the camera, freshly showered, showing his entire torso and covering exactly from the pelvis down.

Users did not miss the opportunity and released hundreds of comments about it, expressing how much they liked it, how attractive it looked and the bad thoughts it caused them. Some They assured that they had fallen in love, while others threw a few compliments on it.

“BE CAREFUL, WHEN YOU SEE THIS POST, YOU MAY FALL IN LOVE”, “I pray to you”, “They should have longer mirrors”, “Have mercy on us who wish you”, “Bodyoooo”, “Send nudes”, “You’re taking time to open OnlyFans”, “Too bad the mirror covered everything”, “Do you want me to have a heart attack with the photo?”, Among other reactions.

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