How much is Edith González’s inheritance?

The death of Edith González shocked all her colleagues and fans and today, almost three years after the fact, we tell you how much money the actress left and who is her only heir.

Although the exact data on the amount is unknown, the protagonist of “Wild Heart” had a net worth of around 2 million dollars, according to information provided by the site All Famous Birthday. This sum belies the version that circulated that she was a billionaire, something that was also denied by her own brother.

Edith left a daughter named Constanza and she is the only person who will inherit everything from her mother. This includes not only money, but also some property, clothing and other assets, as the late artist wrote in her will.

However, as the girl is still a minor, her uncle Víctor Manuel González will take care of what belongs to him until such time as she can legally dispose of it.

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