How much will Carmen Muñoz earn for being the host of the Hoy Program?

After several years in TV Azteca, Carmen Muñoz finally joined the Televisa staff since she is one of the new hosts of the Hoy Program and here we tell you how much money she will earn for her work in the morning.

According to journalist Michelle Rubalcava on her YouTube channel, the Mexican will receive 800 thousand pesos a year (about 40 thousand dollars), a figure that would be very similar to the one received by the renowned Andrea Legarreta.

On the other hand, Michelle added that the important sum that Muñoz will receive is related to an attempt by Televisa to “keep her happy” after leaving TV Azteca, the main competition of the renowned channel.

After Carmen’s decision to return to her old television station was known, she herself told on Instagram that the decision occurred “in conjunction with my Make It Press agency” since Televisa is “a company where I worked 16 years ago and which has given me all the facilities, support and above all, time.”

Finally, the cheerleader thanked “this new professional stage” and assured his followers: “I am sure that the project that the company has designated for me will be to the liking of all of you.”

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