How to watch online the special Nicky Jam concert on HBO Max?

Nicky Jam was one of the artists called by HBO to perform the special called Live on Max, where he showed his skills on stage for a small group of fans.

This production is available on the platform since December 11, 2021 and the only way to see it is through the HBO website. But remember that you need a paid subscription to access all the content.

However, on Nicky’s YouTube channel you also currently find some fragments of the concert, which you can watch in high quality and for free.

The Puerto Rican revealed that being hired by the renowned media “It is an honor” and I add: “I used to watch movies there when I was a kid, it’s one of the biggest brands in the world. It’s incredible to think that today they give us space.”

Finally, the Puerto Rican recognized that the coronavirus pandemic was a complicated but beneficial scenario for the gender it represents: “Reggaeton took advantage of the confinement, so much so that now look at how strong it is.”

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