How TransMilenio in rush hour… Emergencies in Bogotá are bursting

Guidelines that you must take into account to attend emergencies in Bogotá.

The omicron variant of the coronavirus is predominant in Bogota, according to Town hall. This -as is logical- has meant that the positive cases for covid-19 increase significantly and the city is going through the fourth peak of the pandemic.

Although, fortunately, care in intensive care units is not yet high, the demand in emergency services has grown in recent days. That is why, from the Ministry of Health A call has been made to take into account the new guidelines when attending medical centers, taking into account the symptoms that they present.

New guidelines for handling the covid-19 virus:

Before the fourth wave of covid-19, the new measures that any citizen who suspects of having contracted the virus must take into account are the following:

  • People under 60 years of age with respiratory symptoms: This population must request a virtual assessment or by phone call by the EPS. There, the health personnel in charge will determine if the test is necessary. Isolation must be for 7 days.
  • People over 60 years of age, pregnant or with comorbidities who present symptoms: The test should be carried out immediately when the symptoms appear. In turn, the isolation must be for 7 days and a virtual or telephone consultation must be requested to follow up.
  • People without symptoms but with contact with someone positive to covid-19: Isolation will not be mandatory and it is not a requirement to take the test.

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How are the emergency centers in Bogotá:

Currently, citizens who come for emergencies are taking up to 7 hours to be attended, unless their requirement is vital and the attention capacity is minimal. Fabian Rojas, andemergency and emergency specialist, told RCN News that the emergency service staff cannot cope with the high demand in recent days and those who attend the health centers go with mild symptoms such as headaches and general malaise, causing high congestion.

One of the main reasons for the assistance of these people would have to do with the request for disability, so consultations are invited to be with priority appointments or through virtual channels in order to clear care in care centers.

That is why in turn, from the Secretary of Health of Bogotá Citizens have been invited toIf you don’t have a warning sign, stay home and tell your EPS.”

Regarding the taking of covd-19 tests, Alejandro Gómez, Secretary of Health, assured that “the diagnostic capacity is oriented towards a particular population, it is not that fewer tests are being carried out. We are directing that diagnostic effort at three populations, people under three years of age, people over 60 years of age and people with comorbidities”.

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