“I was sitting on the toilet” Man was bitten by poisonous spiders on his genitals

The red-backed spider, native to Australia, was identified as one of the attackers.

imagine being bitten by a spider has become the dream of any lover of the saga ‘Spider-Man’ and more now when the film has become one of the most viewed in recent months.

However, Jordan, a young Australian bricklayer, did not think so when being bitten by spiders on their genitals twice in less than a year. The fact, which occurred in 2016, caused him to be branded as the ‘unluckiest man in Australia’.

And it is that the man claimed to be bitten “almost in the same place” for the second time, just five months after the first event, writes BBC News.

Going to the bathroom, a whole arachnid odyssey

While working, Jordan decided to go to one of the portable toilets that were available while he was relieving himself. He felt a great pain in his penis and saw how some paws disappeared on the edge of the toilet.

“I was sitting on the toilet doing my thing and I felt the pang that I had felt the first time […] I looked down and saw little legs sticking out of the rim of the toilet,” he said.

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In tremendous pain, Jordan was rushed to ST Hospital. George, where they confirmed that the first sting was given by the red back spider, a species that has a poison considered dangerous.

After the first impasse and having improved, the man kept a certain distance from the portable toilets, but five months later and after seeing that they had cleaned the place, he had to go back in and without thinking about it, another poisonous spider bit his member again.

Immediately afterwards, an unbearable pain returned to the man who, to the laughter of his companions, was transferred again to the Blacktown hospital.

This peculiar event generated great impact among the Australian community, so much so that it has a country song titled ‘The Redback on the Toilet Seat‘.


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