If you had a ‘little crash’, now you will have to do the sketch to claim the insurer

On the subject, Estupiñán noted: “They won’t have to wait for hours for authorities to arrive. This seeks to avoid further congesting transportation and mobility. “

Pico y Placa and festive bridges

Regarding the new peak and plaque in the city, given the nonconformity of some citizens, manifested in the different social networks, the Secretary of Mobility indicated that the measure seeks to help improve mobility.

“With the Metro works We are going to go from having 140 work fronts to more than 500. We want the trauma to be less for the citizens. With the measurement of the peak and plate, we also make other determinations such as the expansion of public transport, the bicycle lane, there are also special permits so that vehicles do not have a peak and plate, through collection. We can walk more, telework more, we can use the bicycle more, “he said.

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Estupiñán also referred to the vehicular restriction of peak and plate to enter the Colombian capital during the return of the festive bridges, the first of them on January 10. He noted that the measure will govern the following Monday holidays at all entrances to the city.

“The measure was born in order to better organize transport, the entry of vehicles to Bogotá during all Monday holidays. This was done thanks to the articulation we had with various entities of the government of Cundinamarca and the District, “he said in dialogue with RCN Radio.

The measure remains like this during all Monday holidays: before noon, all vehicles can enter Bogotá without restriction. After noon and until 4:00 in the afternoon, only vehicles with even plates may enter. From 4:00 in the afternoon to 8:00 at night, vehicles with odd plates enter. After 8:00 pm, all vehicles may enter without peak and license plate restrictions.

The Secretary of Mobility indicated that 350,000 cars are expected to enter the next holiday Monday. He also pointed out that there are no restrictions and those who violate the measure would pay a fine of up to $ 480,000.


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