If you have dogs of aggressive breeds in Bogotá, avoid sanctions and learn how to register them

The fines imposed on those who do not comply with the registration round the sum of one million pesos.

Citizen owners of companion dogs and of breeds that can be classified as ‘aggressive’, will have to register their pets if they are considered of special handling or of those dogs that have attacked someone or killed another dog, according to the Secretariat Government District.

According to the entity, those who do not comply with the registry may face fines of up to $ 1,066,667, in addition to the fact that the delegated police authorities will proceed to confiscate the specimen and record this incident in the respective animal registry.

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This permit for the possession of special handling dogs will be valid for one year and is issued in a maximum period of five business days after the request.

What breeds must be registered to avoid penalties?

Citizens who must comply with this registry are those who have pets of the following breeds or their crosses or hybrids such as American staffordshire terrier, bullmastiff, doberman, dogo argentino, dogo de bordeaux, fila brasileiro, neapolitan mastiff, bull terrier, pit bull terrier, american pit bull terrier, presa canario, rottweiler, staffordshire terrier, tosa Japanese.


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