If your card was recast, find out how to get a duplicate of the physical vaccination document

See the steps to follow to obtain a copy of the card in case it has been lost.

Since the restrictive measures began to be made more flexible and the 100% capacity was announced in the scenarios of mass occupation, the vaccination card against the covid-19 virus has become an essential document for Bogota citizens. Nevertheless, For those who have lost the certificate, there are different alternatives to recover it.

One of the simplest has to do with the digital card, which can be downloaded through the channels of the Ministry of Health. However, there are those who prefer to have the document in physical form, especially ttaking into account the three doses that must be recorded in the document to complete the vaccination schedule.

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Thus, from the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá a call has been made to remember the steps to follow in case of wanting to obtain a physical copy of the document. For this, those interested in doing the procedure should take into account the following:

  1. Make the complaint of the loss of the card through the National Police website, that will serve as support that the document is lost.
  2. Once the complaint is made, the citizen must attend any of the vaccination points in the city to apply the second or third dose to complete their schedule.
  3. The vaccinating staff will corroborate the authenticity of the document and will apply the required doses and later will deliver a new physical card with the correct information.

From the Secretary of Health of Bogotá it has been emphasized that presenting the physical or digital card or the certificate of complaint of loss of the health document, it is essential to continue the immunization process.


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