Ilse Salas participates in “Señorita 89”, a series that deals with beauty pageants in Mexico

“A macho woman” is like Ilse Salas defines his character in the series “Miss 89“, next to be released in January and that addresses the violence in beauty pageants in Mexico three decades ago.

In the series, the actress of “100 days to fall in love” and “Good girls”, gives life to the matriarch of the competitors, young people who not only seek to win, but also to survive everything.

“I am like the mother of these girls, but at the same time their verdugo. I would hope that it is not easy to judge the character and that it is understood how each one (of the spectators) would have done him at that time. “

“She is a macho woman, that is, Margaret Thatcher (English minister in that decade) She was a woman at the maximum expression of masculinity, powerful, abusive. As women we did not have another at that time to reach certain positions and I suppose now too “, she explains.

The preparation of Ilse Salas

Natasha Dupeyron, Bárbara López, Ximena Romo and Edwarda Gurrola are part of the cast of the series co-directed by Lucía Puenzo (“XXY”) and produced, among others, by the brothers Juan de Dios and Pablo Larraín (“A fantastic woman”) for Pantaya and Starzplay.

“When they invited me to do it, I immediately felt like it. It is when the beauty pageants were the maximum, they were seen in ‘Always on Sunday’ (weekly program) and it was to have Raúl Velasco (host) talking about the girls’ legs. I would say that it is inconceivable, but sadly they continue to exist “, he emphasizes.

I did a lot of research from eighties videos and it was tremendous how rich, powerful men, owners of large companies, judged who had the most beautiful legs and smiles, something with which we grew up as girls, wanting to be those women and that path leads to eating disorders, low self-esteem, racism, it is something that we are questioning, “she explains.

Ilse emphasizes that her character is completely created, without being based on someone specific.

“Miss 89”: the project

“Señorita 89” was recorded in locations in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Acapulco and Ciudad Juárez. It was written by María Renée Prudencio, Tatiana Mereñuk and Puenzo herself, adding Coty Camacho, Ianis Guerrero, Marcelo Alonso and Juan Manuel Bernal to the cast.

Nicolas and Lucía Puenzo were the directors, along with Jimena Montemayor.



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