Imanol Landeta began to lose his hair at age 14 –

Imanol Landeta

The actor is now engaged in other businesses, away from acting …

Imanol Landeta confessed in a new interview to the program ‘The minute that changed my destiny’ what it was that took him away from acting: he began to lose hair at age 14.

The actor, now 34 years old, reveals that the premature baldness he suffered was the reason why he moved away from television, after rising to fame from a very young age, starring in children’s soap operas.

He said that as he entered adolescence something unexpected happened, he began to lose hair:

“I started to look bald at 14 years old, it’s messed up! I touched my hair with my hands and the hair would come out, and my dad: ‘This has already started …’ at 22 or 23 years old I could already see the canvas, we had to juggle to make it look like I still had a big bush . Against genetics, what can you do? ”Said the son of actor Manuel Landeta, who also lost his hair from a young age.

Imanol pointed out that without hair he did not comply with the stereotype of a gallant that is had in Mexico, so he left the stage and dedicated himself to studying, getting married and dedicating himself to economic activities that he develops in the field:

“I consider myself a privileged and fortunate person because I live in the countryside and breathe clean air,” he said, according to the newspaper Milenio.

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