In a miraculous way, a taxi driver who received a kind of acid on his face recovers

The ‘canary’ of llanero origin was attacked with a corrosive substance by a passenger in the town of Chapinero in Bogotá.

As a true miracle, the recovery of the taxi driver who received some kind of acid on his face, after being attacked by an ‘old woman’ to whom he provided a transport service through road corridors of the Chapinero town in Bogotá in his yellow JTR 671 license plate car.

The attack with the corrosive substance against the ‘canary’ occurred in the early hours of Sunday, November 14 of this year, in the Carrera Séptima at the height of Calle 45, near the Javeriana university.

Jessica Beltrán, wife of Edison Rojas, commented on the La Cariñosa station 610 AM that in the facilities of the assistance center where they provide services, they removed the bandages from his loved one’s face and were surprised that he is not in bad condition and until the digestive and respiratory tract, are in good condition, after being intubated for several days.

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