In the game … Scammers would be offering false job offers

Criminals take advantage of people’s needs through social media.

In the last hours a new form of scam was known, in which victims say they are duped because they create false illusions of good jobs, with decent salaries, but when carrying out a supposed processWhen they give money, they stop responding and do not respond to them for the job, or for the money.

The new form of crime by scammers on social networks shows that they are offered jobs as food handlers, or various trades where, thanks to a publication on social networks, the curiosity of employees is awakened who are looking for work in the city of Ibagué and let themselves be enveloped by the urgent need to find employment.

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Juan Camilo was a victim where he assured Cariñosa 1,420 AM that some people had presented themselves on social networks as a company called “Foman” that was looking for experienced or inexperienced personnel with a high disposition for Assortment Assistant jobs, organizing, supplying and even cleaning and labeling where the salary would be 1’200,000 plus transportation assistance and all the law.

When the victim sees the opportunity, he shows his interest and this is where these people apparently act criminally asking him to make a payment via Nequi to the “Academia Foman” where the person responsible for receiving these payments would apparently be “Jeisson Castañeda Colorado to the number Nequi 3125560824 “as reported by Juan Camilo.

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At work it appeared to them that “they would give us an endowment, and that also the first day of induction would be paid, in addition to receiving cards and work facilities in the case of students, a good salary and all the benefits of the law, plus transport assistance. Wonderful offer that any young person or person wanting to get ahead would undoubtedly try to take advantage of “said the scam victim.

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