In two weeks, a ruling on the decriminalization of abortion will be known

The Constitutional Court of Colombia will have to study the two papers.

The Constitutional Court is close to making a momentous decision on abortion in Colombia. So far, the debate remains divided between the members of that corporation, taking into account that the presentation by Judge Antonio José Lizarazo indicates that in Colombia this practice must be legal.

It should be remembered that currently, abortion is viable in three causes:

  • When the continuation of the pregnancy constitutes a danger to the life or the physical or mental health of the woman, certified by a doctor.
  • When there is a serious malformation of the fetus that makes life unviable, certified by a doctor.
  • When the pregnancy is the result of a conduct, duly reported, constitutive of carnal access or sexual act without consent, abusive or non-consensual artificial insemination or transfer of fertilized ovum, or incest.

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However, some magistrates and sectors of the country continue to fight for total decriminalization, since they point out that in this way the numbers of women killed by clandestine abortions would be reduced, it would also help combat public health problems and give women complete freedom to decide about their bodies.

So far, RCN Radio learned that there are currently two presentations that, apparently, are on the same path of decriminalizing abortion. Nevertheless, one of them is more advanced than the other.

“The Court is deciding if the criminalization of abortion is something that the legislator (Congress of the Republic) can do in the way it has done. The discussions are not about the convenience or whether to agree or not, on abortion, but rather on constitutional matters, ”Lizarazo pointed out.

It is worth mentioning that currently countries such as Argentina, Chile and Mexico they have already taken the step towards decriminalization.

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What does the lawsuit claim?

One of the points on which the discussion is focused is in the search to eliminate article 122 of the Penal Code that “Imposes jail for those who practice abortion regardless of whether it is a woman or someone in the health sector.”

According to the speaker of this case, Sexual and reproductive education campaigns would also be strengthened.

Finally, the lawsuit filed by the Causa Justa organization, seeks to give free rein to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, in relation to the rights to a dignified life, equality, free development of the personality, among others.