Inconsistency in vaccination status: Christin Okpara is not allowed to go to the jungle camp!

Whirl around Christin Okpara! The officially presented jungle camp candidate is ultimately not allowed to take part in the TV show! “I’m a Star- Get Me Out of Here” is broadcast without Christin Okpara. This was announced by RTL.

Stress due to (missing) corona vaccination: Christin Okpara not in “I am a star”

The reason are open questions about the corona vaccination. RTL entertainment and jungle boss Markus Küttner explains the reason: “There were discrepancies about Christin Okpara’s vaccination status that could not be resolved in the short time. These discrepancies are sufficient for us to take immediate action: For this reason, she will not take part in the 2022 jungle camp. “

In addition, says: “In general, a vaccination against the coronavirus is not a prerequisite for participating in the 15th season of ‘I’m a star – get me out of here!'”

Celebrity fees: Which candidate earns the most in the 2022 jungle camp?


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Jasmin Herren will be the new candidate in the jungle camp

While Christin Okpara is disappointed, Jasmin Herren is happy.

The widow of Ballermann star Willi Herren will take part in the jungle camp as a substitute candidate. She is said to have secretly traveled to South Africa. The first episode of the new season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” will air on January 21st.

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