Indian vaccinated against Covid 11 times in 11 months: allegedly used several false identity documents

A 65-year-old man got his hand caught as he was about to receive a twelfth dose of the coronavirus vaccine, the BBC reveals.

Brahmdeo Mandal, a 65-year-old man from the Bihar region of India, said he was vaccinated 11 times in an 11-month period. Authorities became aware of the abuse as he was about to receive a twelfth dose at a vaccination center, reveal the BBC.

His first dose, he received it in February 2020. The man says that the interval between his vaccines varied from two days to two months. And to manage to be vaccinated so many times, Brahmdeo Mandal would have used several false identity documents.

What went through his mind? Why did you want to receive so many doses of the vaccine against covid-19? The man explains that it is because the vaccine would have cured his pain in the back: “I had been dealing with joint pain for 8 years. When I saw doctors, they told me that a lack of calcium was the cause of the pain. I took medication, but to no avail. I received the first dose of the vaccine on February 13 of last year and the second dose the following month. I then realized that my joint and body pains were gone. I thought the COVID-19 vaccines had worked. My appetite has also increased “, did he declare.

An investigation has been opened to determine how the man managed to get himself vaccinated so many times without getting caught. “We have already found evidence that he received 8 injections in 4 different places”, Madhepura civil surgeon Amarendra Pratap Shahi told our colleagues at the BBC.

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