Indigenous students broke it with ICFES test results

The approval and joy were present among the indigenous population of Cesar, given the excellent achievements made by two young students from the San Isidro Labrador Educational Institution, from the Atánquez district, in the Kankuamo reservation, who obtained higher scores in ICFES tests, developed in previous months, and whose results were recently released.

Néstor Miguel Gutiérrez Arias, with 380; and Santiago Duván Maestre Oñate, with a score of 350, were the members of the educational community who With their effort and dedication they managed to raise the name of the Institution that against all odds, as its directors point out, it has brought forward the Makú-Jogúki educational model, an ethnic initiative that at some point in history had opponents, and which led to a sector of the student population migrating to other institutions in the Patillal sector, according to what they say.

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“In the history of the Institution, we had no antecedents of results that approached what they achieved this year. Santiago and Nestor. We are very grateful for the results, the result of an effort in which all levels of this educational establishment participated ”, expressed the teacher Amilcar José Arias.

In addition to becoming an educational achievement that invites the other students of the Kankuamo reservation to imitate what has been achieved For these students who today have managed to excel, the directors of the San Isidro Institution announced for next week the start of the enrollment process at this Institution, which has become a source of pride for the inhabitants of the region who today feel proud of their youths.