Infidelity in sight? They reveal video of Silvestre Dangond ‘pegadito’ to another woman

“How about meeting again here, this is joy,” wrote the young woman at the bottom of the videos.

Silvestre Dangond it has become trend in social networks on behalf of a controversial video in which an unknown young woman is seen too ‘close to’, while they were at a party in Madrid, Spain.

In the images you can see how apparently, while they dance together, the singer gets even closer to give him a few kisses on the neck. Many of the Internet users have pointed out that this video could put the marital unionwhat’s wrong with it Silvestre Dangond with Pieri Avendaño from 10 years ago.

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“How about meeting again here, this is joy,” wrote the young woman at the bottom of the videos.

The Colombian and his wife knew each other from a very young age, when Silvestre was just a young man who dreamed of stardom in the world of vallenato, although he managed it, Pieri Avendano He was by his side enduring his lifestyle full of excesses.

The singer rose to fame in 2000 with his song ‘La colegiala’. Silvestre has starred in other controversies on previous occasions, the most recent being the statement of his former accordion player Juancho de la Espriella, who assured that together with him he used drugs and he would stick his ‘parranditas’.

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The video with the unknown young woman, as expected, triggered different comments from cyber users.

“What regret for the wife”, “mysterious (the young woman) for us”, “by God, she is happy posing”, “everyone lies and that love that they swear in networks is more false than synthetic grass”, are some of the messages that are read by the controversial video.

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