Inmates gave themselves a ‘can’ to the can inside a penitentiary

The Secretary of Security of the state of Nuevo León, detailed that the brawl began between two inmates for 70 pesos (about 3.43 dollars).

A total of 56 inmates were injured after a fight that occurred in the last hours in the Apodaca prison, in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo León, eight of whom remain hospitalized but without seriousness, state authorities reported this Saturday.

At a press conference, Javier Luis Navarro Velasco, Secretary General of the State Government, reported that the fight started over a “minor issue” between a group of extortionists and several inmates, which sparked a fight in which stones were used and a mattress burned.

He specified that a total of 56 inmates were injured during the events, of which 29 received a medical evaluation and eight remain hospitalized but without seriousness.

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Meanwhile, Aldo Fasci, Nuevo León’s Secretary of Security, explained that the brawl started between two inmates for 70 pesos (about 3.43 dollars).

The official pointed out that in the prison there is a group of extortionists and it was one of them who tried to take money from another prisoner who works in the maquiladora that exists within the penitentiary.

“As it was a day of work, then a group got together to try to attack another that is one of the extortionists, it was a very large group, then the attacks began,” he said.

Fasci specified that In the middle of the attack, another group of inmates entered the bedroom of the leader of the extortionists, from where they took a mattress and burned it.

“Then the authorities entered and the issue began to be discouraged from reaching more extreme things,” he said.

After the brawl, the authorities found three cell phones, supposedly belonging to the extortionists, in addition to seven packages of marijuana and 27 cocaine wrappers located inside juice cans.

The official reported that Of the total injured, two were relatives of the inmates and a reporter, who were injured after a prison security fence fell on them. during the protests that took place outside the building after the fight.

However, he specified that none of his injuries were serious, although one of them remains under medical surveillance.

In this same medium security prison, in February 2012 there was a confrontation between members of rival groups that caused the death of 44 prisoners who fought for control of the penitentiary, one of the bloodiest during the past decade in Mexico.

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