Inside the sewer they find a police officer who was reported missing

It is the patrol boat Pablo Vargas Gómez, which was located between the towns of La Mesa and El Colegio in Cundinamarca.

ALERT … Inside a sewer they found in the last hours, the lifeless body of the police patrol car, reported as missing in the inspection The Triumph of the town of Mesitas del Colegio in Cundinamarca, last Tuesday, November 2 of this year 2021.

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The corpse of Pablo Vargas Gomez It was located by residents of the area, who told rescuers that the person found introduced into the hole, approximately 35 years old, had some features of the absent man and very close by was the motorcycle and the helmet of the police officer.

Criminalistics units took charge of the removal of the mortal remains, which they rest in the morgue of that municipality of the Tequendama Province, where they wait to be delivered to loved ones.

The procedure was carried out in the Escalante village between the towns of La Mesa and El Colegio.

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It is about establishing what could have happened so that the citizen ended up in that place in an ulna position.

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