Insulted as a ‘vaccination Nazi’: Dunja Hayali insulted and spat on in the supermarket

It should be clear to the moderator that Dunja Hayali is not particularly popular with many vaccine opponents and corona deniers. Last year she was insulted at a lateral thinker demonstration, and she repeatedly experiences threats online. Now she reports on an incident in which she was even physically attacked.

Dunja Hayali reports of an attack by vaccine opponents

In a supermarket, Dunja Hayali apparently met a person who does not have much to gain from her reporting on the corona pandemic. “Talking about freedom and personal responsibility and then spitting in the face of a vaccinated person, in this case me, while shopping and calling myself a vaccination Nazi,” she wrote on Twitter. The moderator is angry and adds: “Thanks for nothing. Fed up today.”

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“Your own fault”: Critics blame Dunja Hayali for the supermarket incident

Dunja Hayali receives a lot of encouragement and support from her followers for her message. “How intrusive and disgusting! Full solidarity with you, dear Dunja Hayali, and I’m so sorry for that,” wrote a Twitter user. However, there are also numerous critics who blame the moderator for this incident. “Something like that must absolutely not be. But, as an unvaccinated person, I am insulted as a murderer, asocial and unreasonable for society. The division and hate are the responsibility of the media, and you too,” is a comment. In many other articles, the journalist is accused of inciting hatred and agitation with her reporting.

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Dunja Hayali has already reacted to this and explains: “‘Thanks’ to all those commenting who step in now? ‘It’s your own fault’. ‘Deserves’. ‘Who rushes has to live with it’, ‘victim-mimimi’, etc. All the others a sincere ‘thank you’! And please take a look or help if something like this happens in your presence! “

It is not known whether the police were turned on after the attack against the moderator and whether Dunja Hayali filed a complaint against the person.

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