Intelligence or stinginess? woman bought two houses saving 90% of her salary

Minimalist savings, the method to save more money

Wang’s childhood was surrounded by poverty, for his family was poor. From there, the woman dedicated herself to saving as much as possible.

“These early experiences stayed with me for a long time into adulthood,” he said.

Actions that minimize expenses for Wang and his family include: not go on vacation and use only free transport. It also indicates that your spending on clothing purchases is less than 100 yuan, about 60 thousand Colombian pesos, And if possible, he prefers to use second-hand clothes or receives them from his friends.

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Wang’s profession and his work in an advertising agency have allowed him to see the damage that these contents generate a strong impact on society, a fact not least because he is a professional in design.

“The commercials try to generate anxiety in people so that are more likely to buy something”, He confessed.

With the money you have saved, Shenai has been able to buy two apartments in Nanjing city, capital of Jiangsu province, and insists that a woman must have property in her name, it does not matter if it is small or large.

The saving advice of this woman in China has obtained great popularity, as she shares them with her followers through forums and internet groups known as ‘Frugal Women’s Federation’, indicates the ‘South China Morning Post’.

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