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Cairo: Mohamed Fathy

The film industry in Egypt is witnessing development attempts at all levels, but the most important attempt that has emerged recently is the desire to use modern technologies in the film industry, as Gemini Africa, which holds intellectual property rights in Egypt and the world, has adopted the “cinematech” path. Introducing “interactive cinema” technology in Egyptian cinema, a technology that is widespread worldwide, which allows the viewer to intervene in choosing the events he prefers, and choose the ending he wants, in a way that makes the spectator part of the film team.

Adly Touma, CEO of Gemini Africa, confirmed that the company has a strategy to bridge the gap between filmmaking and entrepreneurship and establish channels of communication between them, by providing appropriate practical opportunities for entrepreneurs and upgrading the entertainment industry by introducing new technology and creative ideas in it. He stated that the company adopts modern technologies in the industry, including interactive cinema technology.

Toma pointed out that the application on that idea was implemented in an interactive presentation in the first part of the movie “Al Jazeera” in the pyramids area, where a message was presented to viewers in a snapshot of the film’s heroine Hend Sabry being shot, and the message included: Do you want the film to be completed by saving the heroine or not? On this basis, viewers interacted, and some adjustments were made according to the answers.

Touma pointed out that interactive cinema has received remarkable attention from various segments of viewers in recent times, due to its reliance on open options that allow the viewer to determine the conclusion he desires, stressing that the film industry did not stand far from the information revolution and new technological developments, turning artificial intelligence and algorithms into a key factor. It was indispensable to the success of the film, and the digital image directly affected every step of film production.

Sayed Fathi, director of the Cinema Industry, said: “Those in charge of the cinema industry realize the importance of development in the various theaters, to keep pace with the developments in cinema, and we have already started using modern technologies, as happened and used the technology of «4DX», and we have the ability and expertise that makes us not We are afraid of using any modern technologies, and producers and theater owners have enough experience in order to keep pace with this technological development in cinemas, and we need to equip theaters with the required capabilities.


Technician and graphic designer Ahmed Hamdi says: Interactive cinema and 7D cinema or “seven-dimensional” cinema are all technologies that appeared with technological development, and interactive cinema appeared years ago, and it was a development of a video game that contains pre-recorded clips in a cinematic image, and the player can choose some things inside, including For example, when the main character is in danger, the player can decide if the character has to escape or use a weapon, and both choices are recorded before, and the same for cinema, where the viewer can choose some dramatic lines in the work, it confuses participation It gives the viewer a great deal of control over some scenes, and those scenes are already filmed and ready for viewing according to the viewer’s choice.

Ali Abdel Hamid, an expert in virtual reality, says: This technology will succeed greatly in Egypt, especially with the interest of many young people in everything related to modern technology, and it will be dominant, whether at home or abroad.

As for the film critic, Khayriya Al-Bishlawy, she says: There is no doubt that there is great importance to the use of modern technologies and technologies that are used globally in the film industry, especially that there is a strong superiority in terms of technology in world cinema over us, and this is the reason for the absence of an Egyptian film in major international festivals, this is in addition to that we We must know the artistic taste of the audience now, and whether he is inclined to such techniques or not?


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