Investigating Trump’s former spokeswoman and summoning his speechwriter before storming the Capitol

The Republican minority leader in the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, refused to testify before the congressional committee that investigates the storming of the Capitol and seeks to shed light on the role of former President Donald Trump in the events that occurred on January 6, 2021. Commission is illegal.

McCarthy said in a statement that the committee “wants to meet with me regarding public statements I’ve shared with the world, and about private conversations that have nothing to do with the violence that erupted at the Capitol.”

“I have decided, without regret, not to participate in the abuse of influence on the part of this special commission,” he added.

The Chairman of the Special Committee investigating the storming of the Capitol, Benny Thompson, recently proposed to McCarthy “a meeting on the third or fourth of next February” to discuss “his conversations with President Trump before, during and after those violent events.”

The committee said McCarthy had called Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, in the days before the attack, when Trump and his supporters were planning to prevent Congress from certifying Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

“We need to know how the president’s plans for January 6, and all other ways of trying to change the election results, came together,” Thompson said in a letter to McCarthy.

The Thomson Commission is investigating whether Trump and his advisers encouraged or planned the violence.

McCarthy criticized Trump after the Capitol attack but later renewed his support for the former president.

The House of Representatives Committee of Inquiry issued summons to prominent personalities who refused to appear before it voluntarily, and referred to the Department of Justice charges of contempt for the committee against two people who still refuse to cooperate: former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, and his chief of staff Meadows.

But it was not clear if the committee would go that far when it comes to a prominent member of Congress.

In a related context, former White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany appeared before the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee. Committee Chairman Penny Thompson said that the hearing was held by default and “continued throughout last Wednesday,” revealing that “the committee issued about 85 subpoenas against Trump allies, former White House officials, campaign aides, and individuals who participated in planning the gathering outside the White House before the siege of the White House.” The Capitol Building.

According to a letter the committee sent to McEnany, the interest in speaking to her stems in part from “the multiple public statements she has made to promote the former president’s unfounded allegations of fraud in the November 2020 elections.”

The committee also noted in its letter that McEnany was with Trump on January 6 when he delivered a speech from the presidential park, urging his supporters to “fight and stop election theft.”

Yesterday, the US House of Representatives Committee of Inquiry issued subpoenas to a White House official under President Trump and two advisers to his son, Donald Trump Jr.

The selection committee said in a statement that Ross Worthington, who helped craft the former president’s address to a rally before Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, had a subpoena, along with Andy Surabian and Arthur Schwartz, aides of Donald Jr.

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