Is Julian David moving to the jungle camp? Four participants known

He has been enthusiastic as a solo pop singer for years, is a welcome guest on entertainment shows and loves to perform live in front of an audience. But would Julian David (31) venture into trash TV and talk about his private life? Many fans and viewers could well imagine his participation in celebrity shows – and certainly also German private broadcasters.

Candidate in the jungle camp: That’s what Julian David says

In a question and answer session on Instagram Julian David was asked whether he would go to the jungle camp. And in fact, the likeable singer is quite interested and open to the project. He praised the presenter Sonja Zietlow in his story: “I really don’t find the jungle camp unexciting, because you can score points here with some trash attributes, such as bare skin, bitching, being broke, IQ abstinence or megalomania. However, many colleagues have already shown that there is another way and that you can see the whole thing as a one-off adventure. “

Career advantage jungle camp: These celebrities could benefit

Indeed: Many celebrities were able to give their careers a new impetus, increase their market value or set foot in the entertainment industry. Among others, Ross Antony, Julian FM Stoeckel, Désirée Nick, Micaela Schäfer, Peer Kusmagk, Melanie Müller, Jochen Bendel, Thorsten Legat and Evelyn Burdecki.

The jungle camp will be sent from South Africa in 2022

So far, three celebrities have officially been selected for the jungle camp 2022: Jungle Show 2021 winner Filip Pavlovi & cacute ;, designer Harald Glööckler and singer Lucas Cordalis. “Bild” reports that cult emigrant René Zierl (“Goodbye Germany”) should also take part.

Jungle Camp 2022: That’s why Lucas Cordalis is looking forward to South Africa


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With his answer, he did not confirm whether Julian David will also fly to South Africa in January. A jungle request to him about his management is currently considered unlikely, because then the 31-year-old singer should not be able to comment. The strict contracts between the broadcaster and the production company prohibit the VIPs from talking about participation. But with the interest he has shown, Julian David has at least brought himself into conversation.