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Yesterday evening, the Arab Cultural Club in Sharjah organized a literary evening in which the critic Dr. Iyad Abdul Majeed dealt with the study and analysis of the book “From the Window of Life.. Scenarios for Television” written by the Iraqi artist Fawzia Al-Shendi, and moderated by the poet Nasr Badwan, who described the author of the book as an Iraqi artist from the founding generation. She practiced all theatrical arts such as acting, directing and writing. She is the first Iraqi woman to obtain a master’s degree in directing, and she practiced university teaching in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. She has the role of “Miss Qaida” in the series “Where’s My Place of Expression”, the most famous Arab cultural TV series, in the eighties From the twentieth century, and in her autobiography, 60 plays, and dozens of television series.

Dr. started Iyad Abdul Majeed, speaking about the book, said: “Fawzia Al-Shindi is a great Iraqi and Arab cultural and artistic stature of the golden generation. Her works left an imprint on many generations. She was known for her accuracy and professionalism in selecting works of great cultural value. About her great national, national and humanitarian goals, and she expressed her goals of writing, saying: “I write about society, love, reunion and passion, and everything is beautiful, and all my writings have turned into works of art.”

In another place, she says: “I write so that I do not die,” and we realize that this life that she does not want to leave is the art through which she built her history, as if these writings in the distant lands of fog are a continuation of the path of artistic giving that she does not want to be interrupted.

Abdul Majeed added: “Fawzia traveled to London and lived there. She stayed in a remote hut in a remote area, where her friends came to her, to spend a good time, they were busy preparing delicious Arabic dishes, singing, and restoring the atmosphere of the old life that they lived in Iraq, and her plan was to listen Every week, she comes to one of them’s story, and then after they go, she writes the story of that friend, in the form of a script ready for TV directing. The outcome of that was 16 scenarios, between medium and long, that she collected in her book “From the Window of Life.. Scenarios for TV.” .

He continued: “They are stories about women from real life depicting the violence that befalls them, and all of their heroes are Arab women from Iraq and the Arab world, they lived in Baghdad for a while and then moved to London to live freely, and the writer seeks through them to condemn the life of misery and injustice that women live in, and to consolidate The noble and authentic values ​​of Arab society, and the building of new human values.

A rare masterpiece

Dr. said. Abdul Majeed Al-Shendi’s stories involve skill and a literary sense, as they have used dialogue well in the script to express the character and provide information, and he wrote in a close white eloquent language. The book is considered a rare masterpiece, as it is rare to get a printed script book ready for directing, and I issued it with a dedication saying: “To my father, the first man who raised me to love life and love people, but he forgot to teach me how to defend myself.” The focus of the stories is the father who attends in two ways, a cruel father, who acts without taking into account the feelings of his daughter, and a weak and shaky father who does not have the ability to act and things slip out of his hands. Which we have to stick to.”

He adds that the writer reviewed patterns of good men and women, good boys and girls, and patterns of bad characters, and most of the examples mentioned in these stories are the bad woman, and the writer tries, by suggesting and directing the scenario, to guide women to the right behavior that they should do in every conditions.


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